Who We Are

We sold everything to hit the road and travel for a year in our RV! …..Have you heard this one before?

So have we–and we wouldn’t be here without this amazing travel community that helped inspire us to take the leap. I was prepared to write the standard bio of a traveling family here but I don’t think our story is standard. Yep–we had the big house and the 60 hour work weeks and were spinning in that hamster wheel with no end in sight. And we made this massive change to travel the country for a year in our RV. But there are some big differences as well.

Our goal is to share our year-long epic adventure with complete transparency. The ups, the downs, all the feels, insecurities and questions we ask ourselves. You’re going to see some pretty pictures of amazing places, but at the end of the day, what has this taught us and how is this experience going to alter our lives for the better once the travel is done?

Our time on the road thus far has also given us some insight that many people are worried to travel outside of their comfort zones–especially when you have small children. We hope to give you first-hand expertise on why you shouldn’t be scared to pack up the fam and cross over into Mexico to stay in a non-touristy spot for a couple of weeks. Or why city travel doesn’t have to be super expensive (or completely exhausting.) Y’all….we promise you are not confined to Disney or cookie-cutter trips to the beach until your kids reach a certain age! And yes, traveling with kids is different than those young, fun-loving, pre-kid years. (Oh how we took those for granted!) But it can still be amazing and, in some ways, even better.

We also plan to continue tiny living and regular travel once our year on the road is up. We’ve got a lot to still figure out, but the adventure won’t be close to over anytime soon. We’re Stephen, Courtney, Rowan and Sullivan and we’d love to have you travel with us.

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