Month One: North Carolina

Harvest Host Location

Pine Level, NC

Harvest Host is just $30 for the year to be a member. It allows you to boondock/dry camp for “free” for a max of one night at farms, vineyards, breweries and markets around the US and Canada. The reason I say “free” is because it is suggested that you spend money at the location you are staying as a thank you for being able to stay the night. So ultimately, we end up spending just as much (and sometimes more) than we would have at a regular campground. Sometimes there are hook-ups, usually there are not. But it gives you the chance to spend the night in some really cool places! We’ve had some hits and misses with Harvest Host, so if you are interested in more details on the places we have stayed, feel free to drop us a line!

Sands of Time Campground

Avon, NC


Site: 3 stars. Level, fairly close to our neighbors. Very small, quiet campground.

Price: With Passport America discount, $25/night.

Bathrooms: 3 stars

Customer Service: 3 stars

Amenities: 2 stars. Really no on-site amenities but they did have a washer/dryer and  the campground was great for bike riding.

WiFi: Very spotty but free!

Proximity: 3 stars. This one was a little tough to rate. Anywhere you go in OBX you’re close to a beautiful beach. But where we were located on Hatteras didn’t have much else going on. It seemed like everything we saw that we wanted to do was north of us. Next time we go (and there for sure will be a next time in OBX) we will plan to stay closer to the Nags Head area.

Website: 2 stars. No ability to reserve online, could use better photos.


Outer Banks


Kitty Hawk Kites: Cool kite shop with any kind of kite you would ever think to want. The people who worked there were really knowledgable and recommended the perfect one for a four year old. The weather was perfect for kite flying on the beach.

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Pamlico Sound: We rented a board from Hatteras Island Boardsports (the price was REALLY reasonable) and took it out for a couple of hours. It was a solid workout! We never had been on one before, but loved it so much we ended up buying our own inflatable board later on down the road.

Canadian Hole: We spent an afternoon at this beach and loved it; perfect for small kids. This particular spot is also one of the most popular in the country for kite boarding and windsurfing.

Sunrise Seafood Market: We stopped in for some of the best fresh shrimp we’ve ever grilled up at home.

Bros Sandwich Shack:  The guy behind the counter basically challenged me that I couldn’t handle the Carolina Reaper sauce on my wings. I am all about a challenge. And some hot sauce. This was one of the hottest I have ever eaten; literally tears streaming down my face! Great little place for some great sandwiches (and wings).

Soundside FunFair: This fair happens once a year near Nags Head with all proceeds benefiting Children & Youth Partnership for Dare County. It was on the small side but had some great rides for all ages. Plus there were giant bloomin’ onions and elephant ears so…..obviously we adults were all about that.


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