Month One: Georgia

11062-round-pushpinFort McAllister State Historic Park

Richmond Hill, GA

Site: 4 Stars. We were on a ADA site that gave us a little extra space from neighbors, but maybe wasn’t in the most prime location on the campground. There looked to be some excellent sites right on the marsh/water with more shade trees. It was extremely buggy in June, the horseflies (deer flies) were the biggest we had ever seen and they came out in droves around sunset each day.

Price: $27 per night for water/electric hook-up.

Bathrooms: 3 Stars. Clean enough to feel comfortable taking a shower. Watch out for the little crabs that like to join you though!

Customer Service: 4 Stars

Amenities: 4 Stars. Pretty solid for a state park! Great playground, docks on the water for fishing, great for bike riding, historic fort and museum on site (costs extra). Also laundry on-site, which is pretty rare for state parks.

WiFi: None.

Proximity to things we wanted to see/do: 2 Stars. Downtown Savannah was a 40 minute drive. Not much to do in Richmond Hill.

Website: 3 Stars. Didn’t do it justice, had no idea it was going to be that beautiful from the pictures on the site. Easy enough to book online through Reserve America.

11062-round-pushpinHarvest Host Location

        Savannah, GA

Harvest Host is just $30 for the year to be a member. It allows you to boondock/dry camp for “free” for a max of one night at farms, vineyards, breweries and markets around the US and Canada. The reason I say “free” is because it is suggested that you spend money at the location you are staying as a thank you for being able to stay the night. So ultimately, we end up spending just as much (and sometimes more) than we would have at a regular campground. Sometimes there are hook-ups, usually there are not. But it gives you the chance to spend the night in some really cool places! We’ve had some hits and misses with Harvest Host, so if you are interested in more details on the places we have stayed, feel free to drop us a line!

11062-round-pushpinThings We Did

Historic Downtown Savannah

We honestly didn’t do a ton in Georgia, probably because we were in shock that we had said good-bye to our home, most of our belongings and actually done this crazy thing! 🙂 We do love Forsyth Park, City Market, River Street and taking self-guided walking tours of the historic squares throughout the city.

Georgia In Pictures:

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IMG_1962 2IMG_0359savannah9IMG_3782IMG_2010Snapseedsavannah3savannah1savannah 4savannah7savannah5savannah6savannah2


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